Encore's Available Babes


We have made so much progress with Sappho and her attitude problem in the last few months  This 5 year old girl came to us sassy as can be and we’ve put in a lot of work with boundaries and socialization and she’s finally at a spot where she’s allowing people she doesn’t know to handle her! We have had Sappho for about 4 months now and think she’s finally in a good spot to find her forever family. She had a hilarious personality and loves her people now that she’s gotten herself together.  If this little firecracker catches your attention message us for more details on her and we can talk about if she would be a good fit for your household!


Maia is a beautiful 5-6 year old gal who life has not been kind to. She is very scared but we are working hard on socializing her and learning that people are nice. We have never seen a mean bone in her body towards humans and you can tell she wants to trust but she can take some time to fully and still spooks at loud noises, etc. Maia doesn't quite know how to appropriately play with other dogs (she can be very rough with them once she gets excited and that can confuse other dogs. For this reason we are recommending her being an only dog in the household or to be with another dog who will tolerate her until the boundaries are set with a person experienced in maintaining those boundaries. (She currently lives in a home with 2 other dogs but her foster stays on top of all play to make sure it's healthy play and separates when needed). She is a DREAM when it comes to people and is so deserving of an amazing life from here on out.


Available in near future: SOPHIE Our sweet old girl (around 10,) has some rickety bones and joints in her back end but atleast we now have a game plan for joint supplements and pain meds to make sure she’s comfy! Despite all of this she is sweet as can be and still getting around pretty well, considering! She also does not appear to be in any pain. Sophie will be available for adoption once we make sure these meds are the right combination for her, and with medical understanding that she is on thyroid medication, a pain med to make sure she’s comfy, and joint supplements. Her technical orthopedic issues are as follows:

1. Severe bilateral coxofemoral degenerative joint disease with luxation of the right coxofemoral joint.
2. Severe left medial patellar luxation.
3. Bilateral pelvic limb disuse muscle atrophy, worse on the left.
4. Chronic intervertebral disc disease T13-L1.

Life will only get better from here, sweet girl! 


MAX Awww, look how good our 9 year old fella Max is looking! No more crusty eyes and most importantly, no more painful eye ulcers! After his recheck in 2 weeks he will be actively pursuing his forever family! Huge strides from the scared little snapper that found himself blind and terrified at the shelter! Max will be available soon, he is blind and will require eye meds multiple times daily for the rest of his life because he has chronic dry eye. Max is a love and well worth it!

*Encore does not place pets on a first come first serve basis. Encore Animal Rescue is a foster based animal rescue- meaning all of our animals are in safe and loving homes with one of our amazing volunteers until they are adopted by their forever family. Our number one goal is to find the perfect match for both pet and adopter. We aim to provide as much stability and structure in the animals' new lives as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we require all potential adopters to follow our adoption process, beginning with the adoption application/contract. This process helps to minimize the risk of yet another move for the animals and gives them the best chance of finding their perfect home.

In the rare instance that a puppy is too small/young to be spayed or neutered prior to being placed, they go out with an adoption contract and altering must take place by 6 months of age; this is when adoption is finalized.

If your application is approved, someone will reach out to you and we will answer any questions you may have.