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Encore's Available Babes



Maia is one of the most special dogs I personally have had come through rescue. Starting off her life with Encore with a lifesaving surgery that we were unsure would work or not, formed a special bond right off the bat. Something about someone mercilessly cutting her ears off, a scarred and emaciated body with boobies almost to the ground,(surely used as a puppy maker/money maker until they were done with her, and endless shaking, made me feel like we owed it to her to give her a chance at a good life, so we went for it. The surgery proved successful in saving her from internal bleeding but we had no idea the time, love, and patience we would spend healing her emotional wounds as well.

Even after being in our home with my family for almost 6 months, she still spooks at loud sounds and gets scared when there is any kind of change such as things being moved around in the house, (Christmas really threw her off), etc. She is curious when meeting new people and even dare I say, excited initially, the skepticism creeps in.. And if she could speak I would imagine the interrogation would go something like this.. “Who are you, what do you want and where am I going?” There’s been no aggression towards people, ever, and she does come around in her own time, even coming to just sit on your feet as to say, ok maybe you’re alright! This is also what she likes to do as you make dinner, we like to call her keeper of the kitchen. Maia has truly made great strides in some areas, such as meeting new people, learning sit (though I learned that she dealt better with a hand gesture over a command because even saying sit semi softly, it frightened her,) but her past certainly still remains with her as far as being cautious and frightens easily. Initially we were trying to bring her to parks and do walks around the neighborhood, etc in the attempt to desensitize her and acclimate her to new surroundings but we realized it actually made her regress in the progress in our home so we have accepted her as she is and choose not to feed her anxiety.

We can only imagine the life Maia lived prior to coming to us and don’t push her with leaving our home, however we do still provide structure and boundaries and she has come so far in those areas, including learning how to properly play with the other dogs in our home and even giving any new fosters the space they need, but curiously greets them. We were very cautious with her in the beginning because of her unknown background and the fact that she did not know how to play so when she would start to get too rough we would stop her and take a little break so nothing ever escalated. (Didn’t want the other dogs to misunderstand her rough play, etc). Since I’ve grown to know her and I know my golden is “bomb proof” I have allowed them to start to play a little rougher and nothing has ever escalated between the two of them, but they’ve also lived together for a long time now and I know the things to watch for. I guess you could say I’m really protective over this special girl, as the absolute last thing I want is for her to be adopted to a new home and her come back because someone doesn’t understand the time, dedication, and patience she may require. (And maybe she would do great and I’m just being an overprotective Mom. The last thing we want is another hurdle in her life, it’s time for her Encore!

We know Maia will be the perfect family member to someone who understands all of this about her. I can’t express enough how fiercely loyal she is once she knows you mean no harm. She is an amazing companion and the perfect home-body and can frequently be found in the playroom “watching” the kids play and is very gentle unless startled (then she becomes a cheetah and can be out of sight in .5 seconds). Everyone in the household would need to be on board with committing to our special girl, as everyone in the household will be key in continuing to build her security and confidence... And after all, she may take a little more patience and understanding than some. Any kind of yelling or frustration will send her right back to square one and she’s come so far, Please message us with any questions if you think Maia may be that special something you’re missing in your life.



 Our sweet old girl (around 10,) has some rickety bones and joints in her back end but atleast we now have a game plan for joint supplements and pain meds to make sure she’s comfy! Despite all of this she is sweet as can be and still getting around pretty well, considering! She also does not appear to be in any pain. Sophie will be available for adoption once we make sure these meds are the right combination for her, and with medical understanding that she is on thyroid medication, a pain med to make sure she’s comfy, and joint supplements. Her technical orthopedic issues are as follows:

1. Severe bilateral coxofemoral degenerative joint disease with luxation of the right coxofemoral joint.
2. Severe left medial patellar luxation.
3. Bilateral pelvic limb disuse muscle atrophy, worse on the left.
4. Chronic intervertebral disc disease T13-L1.

Life will only get better from here, sweet girl! 



MAX Awww, look how good our 9 year old fella Max is looking! No more crusty eyes and most importantly, no more painful eye ulcers! After his recheck in 2 weeks he will be actively pursuing his forever family! Huge strides from the scared little snapper that found himself blind and terrified at the shelter! Max will be available soon, he is blind and will require eye meds multiple times daily for the rest of his life because he has chronic dry eye. Max is a love and well worth it!



Love is our almost 1 year old girl who has been working hard on learning new tricks and establishing good manners. Love continues to live up to her name as she has shown her foster family that she wants nothing more than to be in their laps or by their sides. She is great with other dogs and has recently learned that playing with them is a lot more fun than watching them. She currently lives with cats and does well, but is still learning that chasing them isn’t their favorite type of play. Love also lives with two young kids who she absolutely, well, loves; however she is still only ten months old so it is important to be understanding of her high energy moments.

When Love came to us, upon any sort of excitement she would submissively pee while cowering down. Through the building of her confidence and her feeling a lot more secure with her current foster family she no longer does this with them, however when someone new comes into the home she has her occasional accidents. We strongly believe that with the continuation of her training along with meeting the right family who commits to being patient and gentle with her this will not be an issue.

Love is a special girl who is seeking a family that will adore her as much as she adores everyone she meets. Please message us with any questions, or fill out an adoption application below.


*Encore does not place pets on a first come first serve basis. Encore Animal Rescue is a foster based animal rescue- meaning all of our animals are in safe and loving homes with one of our amazing volunteers until they are adopted by their forever family. Our number one goal is to find the perfect match for both pet and adopter. We aim to provide as much stability and structure in the animals' new lives as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we require all potential adopters to follow our adoption process, beginning with the adoption application/contract. This process helps to minimize the risk of yet another move for the animals and gives them the best chance of finding their perfect home.

In the rare instance that a puppy is too small/young to be spayed or neutered prior to being placed, they go out with an adoption contract and altering must take place by 6 months of age; this is when adoption is finalized.

If your application is approved, someone will reach out to you and we will answer any questions you may have. 

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