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Our Special Souls

These sweet babies have complex or chronic medical needs and are not currently available for adoption.  They will spend their lives with Encore and be taken care of through whatever life throws their way. We have some of the best fosters who make everyday of their life VIP Status!



Huey (5)  came to us from ACCT Philly (a busy Philadelphia shelter) when another rescue had tagged him and upon having him vetted discovered he had a heart issue and left him at the shelter. The girls there, we're sure knowing we have a soft spot for those who have medical needs, called us right away and said please get this sweet boy out! Huey had a grade 5 heart murmur so we knew this is something that may or may not be fixed. After an appointment with a cardiac specialist who did a multitude of tests, it was unfortunately concluded that Huey had 2 separate heart issues but they are not correctable. In fact the Cardiologist even said that Huey had surpassed how long they even would have estimated him to survive with these heart issues, Luckily for him he is in a wonderful Encore foster home, and a permanent part of the Encore family, who will make every moment count until he tells us it's time. We love this adorable quirky boy with the huge personality and perfect head tilt!




Bailey(12) came to us when she was taken to a vet clinic to be euthanized but stole the hearts of the staff who felt she still had a whole lot of life left in her. She came to us in pretty rough shape and has had quite a bit of vetting done for chronic ear infections and an infected paw was unfortunately proven to be cancer. Nonetheless Bailey is spending her days being loved and making allllll the memories!




Charming came to us 5 months ago with a broken spirit and with health issues that could’ve meant the end for him. Our vetting team knew just what to do to safely put him under to get the infection in his mouth under control. After a dental surgery, heart meds, and a lot of trouble shooting to figure out his skin issues, he is living his absolute best life. This couldn’t have happened without the team (amazing foster family, amazing vets, and YOU GUYS cheering him on be it with good vibes and donations!) rallying behind him! Charming will be 15 years old in January and he is living his golden years with endless happiness and contentment. We fill that gap between where they’ve hit rock bottom and that space in between where they just need good vet care, time, and honestly, just love and TLC. This is what Encore is about.

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