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Senior/Hospice Help

Over the last 2 years, I've worked as an assistant director for an in-home care facility.  In this role, I recognized the real need for a program that assists seniors in caring for their pets, in turn, allowing them to keep them in their golden years.  I was astonished to learn that some seniors on a fixed income are feeding their pets before feeding themselves. Others are forced to surrender their pets when unable to meet their financial needs.  In light of this pervasive need, Encore will aid in supplying pet food to any senior in need of assistance with feeding their pets. We will also assist with vetting and other supplies when resources are available, and the individual situation merits such aid. 


The other priority for Encore is to help individuals plan for the care of their beloved pet(s) when they are in hospice care, in imminent need of hospice care, or when they are unable to care for their pet due to age or infirmity.  I know from personal experience that it brings great peace of mind to such individuals to know that their companion animals will be well cared for during such time, and/or after their passing. When an individual is in hospice care, or otherwise unable to care for their pet due to age or infirmity, our goal is not only to take over the care of the pet, but also facilitate periodic reunions of the pet and owner, so they may be together until the end.

If you would like to help with this program or if you or your loved one are in need of this program please contact me at and put "Senior Help" in the subject.

Thank you.


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