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We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge



Delilah’s Story💘

Our beautiful Delilah has captivated hearts with her big smile, soulful eyes, pouty lip, and crinkled ear. When we pulled her from BARCS we knew she could potentially be hospice but we couldn’t leave her alone in a shelter. We have had multiple diagnostic tests done including exploratory surgery and after much time, extensive research, debating, and conversations among myself, Delilah’s foster Mama, and her veterinary team, we decided to not put her through anything more and consider her hospice.

Please do not be sad for our sweet girl, she spent 133 days with an amazing daily life in a family where she was immeasurably loved. Delilah’s came to Encore on December 21st, 2019, and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 1, 2020. Rest easy, Pretty Girl.



 Sweet little Scotty came to us at 8 weeks old from a hoarding situation and was found to have a severe heart murmur. We were hoping our little guy would outgrow it but unfortunately after being with Encore for a month, he crossed the rainbow bridge. Scotty had a phenomenal foster who was devoted to him no matter what the outcome and we know he truly knew love. Rest easy sweet boy, you were so loved by so many.




When you don’t have the ability to “fix” them and you feel defeated, but then you’re reminded you do have the ability to grant them peace.

Dusty was surrendered to us just shy of 17 years old. The day he came to us we brought him right to the vet and realized he was completely emaciated and his teeth and mouth were severely infected. The initial plan was to get Dusty to a point where we could get him to a healthy enough point where he could  have his teeth removed, thus removing the infection. He stayed with us for 12 days and received antibiotics and pain medication and plenty of goat's milk and pureed food but he was so lost and confused and not getting to a point where we were anywhere close to getting his teeth removed safely, we had to weigh our options of quality of life and we made the most humane decision for Dusty which was to help him cross the rainbow bridge. 


Sometimes I think some babes make their way to Encore just to grant them peace.

We can only hope that Dusty lived an amazing life before it coming to this.

A goodbye from our 4 year old rescuer, Macy: “ I love you, sweet precious. I miss you, adorable old man dog. I’m sorry your teeth are black, I love you, you’re so beautiful.”

 No more pain, no more confusion. Just peace and hopefully all the peanut butter your heart desires. 💙

Happy & Alvin

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